Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Homemade Chicken Strips

Well they are more like chicken strips/nuggets lol some "strips" weren't long enough to be strips so they are nuggets ;)

FIRST: Fill a skillet half way full with oil (I used veg oil), put it on Med heat.

You will need:

Boneless Chicken Breasts
1 Egg
One sleeve of Ritz Crackers (I used the butter flavored generic ones from Save-a-lot)

Cut up the chicken breasts into strips or nugget pieces

Mix in small bowl, egg and a splash of milk (maybe like a tablespoon or 2). whisk together until its blended well.

Crush up the crackers and put in a bowl.

Dip the cut up chicken into the milk/egg mixture. Then place into the cracker crumbs. Press hard so that the crackers coat the chicken well.. Then place into the skillet after they are all breaded.. Depending on how full your oil is, you may have to flip the chicken in the skillet. Cook on both sides until Golden brown.. I aways pull the fattest chicken strip out first and check to make sure its cooked through before I pull them a out. No one wants raw chickie ;) Place on paper towel covered plate to soak up some grease. Enjoy!

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