Sunday, January 18, 2015

Screw You Erin Condren!!! AND your life planners!

NO NO NO!! I'm just teasing.. I love Erin Condren and her life planners.. infact I want one SOOOOO bad!! But with my husband being laid off work I can't justify buying one for myself. I mean I'm obsessed and want one so bad.. I've been watching unboxings and people who share their planning tips on YouTube.. So I went to Wal-mart and bought a cheap-O planner and stickers and made my own for under $10 bucks! Its not as cute and only 1/8th of the thickness of Erin's but it will work.. Maybe next year this is what I'll ask for for Christmas from my parents!.. so anywho this is my "Livin' Generic" version...

You'll Need:

A cheap planner
Letter Stickers

I'm so generic that A on the very end is a V and part of an X hahaha there was only one A in the pack of stickers.. I couldn't being myself to pay another $0.97 for another pack of letters for ONE letter lol

Then I just bought some cute Washi tape to help mark my planner!

And some felt tip pens to make me feel like I had the Erin Condren's pens lol

So there you have it my Generic version of Erin Condren.. it will work I guess!
I think it's pretty cute!

Mini Pizzas

Mini Pizzas

You'll need:

Can of biscuits
Pizza Sauce
Any Toppings

Step one: First preheat your oven according to the biscuit package.. then flatted out each biscuit like this

Step 2:

Add pizza sauce, toppings of your likings and cheese. We used sausage, pepperonis and mushrooms.

Then put in your preheated oven for whatever the biscuit package says.. ours was 10 min.

The voila you'll have your mini pizzas!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Zombie Soccer Play - How to - Halloween Costume

Zombie Soccer Player

For the Shirt You'll need:

1 white t-shirt
1 old soccer ball
black marker
scotch tape
piece of paper
Iron-on number(s)
Hot Glue Gun
Fake Blood

I used scotch tape to make guide lines for my stripes for the "Adidas Soccer Jersey" then color them in with your black Marker then remove tape.. then repeat on other side

Then take a piece of paper and draw the adidas symbol then slide it under the shirt for your guide.

Then Iron on a number

Cut a soccer ball in half and just get the outter foam shell of the ball then hot glue the crap out of it lol once you think its one secure.. Hot glue some more!

Then add your fake blood...

 There you have it.. your Zombie Soccer player... It was pretty easy and we got TONS of compliments on it...

For the Make-up I bought temporary tattoos that were scabs, open wounds that they had in the Halloween section at Wal-Mart. The white is just white face paint for a vampire/zombie and then used fake blood and black face makeup

Easy, Fast way to clean your Electric Griddle..

I LOVE my griddle but I hate the clean up after I use it.. I have the family size that won't fit in the sink and it doesn't have the removable plates like my George Foreman. If you're like me you don't get to the dishes until after dinner.. or let's be honest the next day or two (Guilty!) Then you have that nasty griddle sitting there.. The other night we cooked Deer Burgers on the griddle.. we do get some fat put in them so its more like ground beef.. There was grease, burger residue and even melted cheese on the griddle.. I didn't get to the dishes until the next day and thought UGH I hate cleaning this thing.. then something made me think of an easier way to clean it..

First fill up your sink with hot soapy water..

Turn your griddle back on.. yup.. back on.. Just a low setting.. I think mine was in between 200°-250° once the cold hard grease turns back to hot liquid use a good plastic spatula or the one that comes with the griddle and scrape all that stuff down into the grease catcher.. it comes off so easy.. THEN shut the griddle off and take your dish cloth with hot soapy water and ring it out onto the griddle.. its gonna smoke steam like a mutha' but don't freak out lol then take the rag and wipe pushing all the water into the grease catcher (I'm sure there is a more classier word for that)  rinse your rag and repeat then after its all clean rinse with a dish cloth of just water.. It made the cleaning so much easier..

So there ya have it.. my version of how to clean your griddle!