Monday, January 5, 2015

Zombie Soccer Play - How to - Halloween Costume

Zombie Soccer Player

For the Shirt You'll need:

1 white t-shirt
1 old soccer ball
black marker
scotch tape
piece of paper
Iron-on number(s)
Hot Glue Gun
Fake Blood

I used scotch tape to make guide lines for my stripes for the "Adidas Soccer Jersey" then color them in with your black Marker then remove tape.. then repeat on other side

Then take a piece of paper and draw the adidas symbol then slide it under the shirt for your guide.

Then Iron on a number

Cut a soccer ball in half and just get the outter foam shell of the ball then hot glue the crap out of it lol once you think its one secure.. Hot glue some more!

Then add your fake blood...

 There you have it.. your Zombie Soccer player... It was pretty easy and we got TONS of compliments on it...

For the Make-up I bought temporary tattoos that were scabs, open wounds that they had in the Halloween section at Wal-Mart. The white is just white face paint for a vampire/zombie and then used fake blood and black face makeup


  1. Thank you for this wonderful idea. My son wants to be a soccer player zombie this year. :)

  2. Awesome! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

  3. I am so glad I found this time!!!!! Thank you :)

  4. We are doing this too! Thanks for the step by step!

  5. What did you use to cut the old soccer ball? How did it stay in a "ball" form without being blown up? Thank you!

    1. I used a knife and scissors. The outter part is foam and I hot glued it on. I did sew it on too by hand in some spots to make sure it would stay.

  6. Yes- What Erin Stratton asked :)

    Also, did you put the tattoos on first or the white pace paint and blood? Did the shirt seem "heavy" for your little guy with the ball on it?

    1. the tattoos first them sponged white around it and the blood last. and no the shirt didn't seem heavy it's foam. Also be prepared for kids to "hit" the ball. Don't be afraid to tell the kids not to hit the ball LOL..

  7. Just made this- thank you! Appreciate you posting!