Monday, January 2, 2012

Crackle Nail Polish

So Avon was having a sale on nail polish 2 for $6.99 so I told J-Bird I wanted some for my stocking.. so I placed the order and got a red color and black (only color they had) crackle polish.. So I decided to try it out...

I don't like the red under it.. I felt Gothic lol.. So I took it off and put pink under it.. but it was a dark pink so it was still kinda Gothic looking.. So I might give my black to my sister in law, no she isn't Gothic lol, but she is 15 and probably like it better than my old 28yr old self lol. Although my sister told me that they have new colors of crackle.. so I might try that.. This crackle polish is WEIRD! You put it on and watch it separate.. I wonder what its made of lol??? Why does my spell check want me to capitolize Gothic?!?!

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