Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Eve goodies!

We had a BUNCH of snack/finger foods for our NYE get together. Every one pitched in and brought goodies.. I made a few things.. the first one was

Buffalo Chicken Dip

This is sooo easy and SO good!!

All you need is:
2 boneless chicken breasts
  (I cook mine in the oven at 375* until its done)
8oz Cream Cheese
Ranch Dressing
Hot Sauce (I used Frank's Red Hot Wing Sauce)

* Bake the chicken breasts, shred. Then put in crock pot and add cream cheese (I put on high with lid on and got the cream cheese soft) Then add some hot sauce and then some ranch dressing until creamy. I then turned it on low and let cook until its good and hot.. Adding  Hot Sauce and Ranch dressing if needed. After its real good and hot I'll put the setting to Warm until party time.

This is a MUST try!! You control the "hotness" of the dip.. My 5 year old can eat it because I don't over due it. Its got just the right amount of "kick" lol

Veggie Pizza

Let me just start off by giving you a tip. IF you are new to your food processor be careful putting your veggies in it or you will get THIS


Chop veggies up on "PULSE" setting hahaha
You'll need:

2 cans of crescents
2-8oz cream cheese
Sour cream
2 packs of dry ranch mix
any veggies you would like
1 bag of shredded Cheese

*Place crescents flat on a cookie sheet. Bake (follow instructions on package for temp and times). Cool completely.

*Mix together Cream Cheese (softened), about 1/2-1c. of sour cream ( you might have to add more) and dry Ranch Mix. Spread on cooled crust. Top with veggies, cheese and what ever you choose. Enjoy!

The last thing I made was a recipe I got from my Grandma. She made these for my wedding back in 05' and ever since I have LOVED them.

Sausage Balls (that's what I call them lol)


You will need:
1 roll of Mild Jimmy Dean Sausage (or Brand of your choice)
1 roll of Hot Jimmy Dean Sausage
3c. of dry biscuit mix
2c. of Shredded Cheddar Cheese
1 Strong Man (optional) lol

*Place all ingredients into bowl and mix together.. the best way is to mix with your hands.. it will take awhile to mix it all up. It will look "wet" again when its all mixed together. This is the Step you need a Strong man:
After its all mixed up roll into balls about the size of a quarter and baked at 300* Grandma said 15mins but It was way longer like almost 45 I think.. so keep an eye on them.. they will be nice and sizzling with grease running out of them lol.

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  1. These all look yummy Andrea! Just wanted to share that I did the sausage balls too yesterday, and I tried a pintrest tip that was really good. I just did the 1lb. of sausage recipe but added in 8 oz cream cheese. It kept them really moist. I baked at 400 for 20 min. Love these things! lol